14Sep 2020 I am thrilled that SmartSight: an AI-Based Computing Platform to Assist Blind and Visually Impaired People has been funded by NSF. This is a collaborative AI for Social Good project in collaboration with Mohsen Amini Salehi with total funding of $499,650. This project is aligned to our diversity efforts. Thanks NSF!
1Sep 2020 I gave an invited talk to Googlers as a part of Let's Talk Tech series on Ensembles of Many Diverse Weak Defenses can be Strong. Thanks Google!
20Aug 2020 I am so honored to join the ACM TOSEM Board of Distinguished Reviewers, I am so thankful to the anonymous associate editor(s) who nominated me for this exciting role!
4Aug 2020 I am thrilled that our project, Autonomous Robotics Research for Ocean Worlds (ARROW), has been awarded by NASA. This exciting project is lead by UofSC, in collaboration with CMU, York, Arkansas, and NASA.
6Jul 2020 "AMP Chain Graphs: Minimal Separators and Structure Learning Algorithms" was accepted at Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research. Congratulations Mohammad Ali Javidian!
14May 2020 "Learning LWF Chain Graphs: A Markov Blanket Discovery Approach" was accepted at UAI 2020. Congratulations Mohammad Ali Javidian!
13May 2020 I was invited to serve on a NSF panel (CISE/IIS). Thanks NSF!
10May 2020 I am thrilled that our project, A Generic Data-Driven Framework via Physics-Informed Deep Learning, has been awarded. PI: Lang Yuan. Thanks NASA for supporting our work!
30Apr 2020 "High-throughput experimentation meets artificial intelligence: A new pathway to catalyst discovery" was accepted at Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics journal.